The photo above was taken during week 9 of my 2010 growing season - such a sight to behold, I think.

I started this blog initially to have a web site where people can access my class handout (which can be found in 'pages' under the cover photo at the top of the page) I will also attempt to record my adventures in flax growing, processing, spinning, weaving, researching, teaching of classes, etc.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seeds Ordered

Last week I ordered some flax seeds for this year from Saskflax Biolin Research in Saskatchewan.  Here is their order page - I ordered Evelyn and Elektra seeds, Evelyn I have tried before and done well, Elektra is to try something new to compare with Evelyn.


  1. Hi, glad you ordered some seed from us, and hope your crop is good..
    Just a point of clarification, "SaskFlax" (The Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission) and "Biolin Research Inc" are two separate entities. We do work with SaskFlax on many research and marketing efforts dealing with the straw of the flax plant, but we are still separate. Happy harvest of your linen crop!

    1. I have always been communicating with Alvin have seen both terms/entities used, I was under the impression one was a subsidiary of the other. And Alvin has been VERY helpful.

      I have been growing flax for fibre since 2000 and have experimented with different seeds, sowings, etc. and have this year come to the conclusion every year is an experiment even if I didn't intend it. This year, I sowed two of your varieties each in two different seeding rates. The first sowing (May 7) nothing germinated (well I had six plants). So after 3 weeks I re-seeded, half the plot with your two varieties and half with saved seed from two years ago. (Critters ate last year's seeds over the winter). Everything germinated better than any other year, but I have had a bunny helping himself, so the damage he has done will skew my comparison stats, unfortunately.

      How did you find this blog?